Computer Science & Engineering
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Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Engineering Department is one of the major departments as it is offering various facilities to the students of Computer Science & Engineering as well as to the Information Technology students. This department is offering the latest facilities both in hardware and software engineering. The main programs which are being offered are C, C++ programming, RDBMS, Visual programming, Computer Networking, Computer Graphics, Digital Design Communication, Web Engineering and Network Programming. The systems installed in the software lab include UNIX and Linux. The department has planned to train the students in Internet Operations. It has a separate lab for computer hardware and troubleshooting. There are 235 computers with latest configuration and servers. The Internet has a bandwidth of 10 mbps through dedicated leased line from Reliance. All licensed software’s are available as per the requirement of the syllabus.
The Department of Computer science and engineering offers a regular 3 years Diploma program in computer science and engineering with an intake of 60 students.
Career Potential
The career opportunities for Diploma Students of computer science and engineering can  be classifies in to several categories such as programming, software development, database administration, computer networking, web designing, telecommunications, internet graphics, multimedia and training and support. The use of computer technology is seen in all types of organizations such as academies, research, government and private business organizations. in all types of organizations. The career potential for computer Diploma will continue to grow and the career opportunities becomes more diverse.
Vision and Mission
Our mission is to produce computer graduates who are globally competent and have high quality professionalism along with the spirit of moral values.
Our Vision is to be a centre of excellence in providing quality education in the field of computer science. And providing a strong teaching and research environment to students and faculty that enables them to compete confidently.
Laboratories Available:-
Internet Lab:
The internet lab provides the facility for the students to surf the internet during their internet period. This lab enables the students to interact with the outer world and get the knowledge all the latest updates of their field.The computers are connected to each other through Ethernet. All necessary measurements and configuration software needed in the lab are configured.
Operating system Lab:
In the operating system lab the students implement the different concepts of the subject.  All the practical as per given in the syllabus are performed by the students. Apart from the syllabus, the students also perform many other related practical such as implementing CPU scheduling algorithms, implementing paging, implementing disk scheduling, installing different operating systems etc. According to the curriculum of HSBTE, the operating system practical lab falls in the odd semester.
Major Project Lab:
In the major project lab the students of final year perform their major projects. The lab is enhanced with all the new technologies as the students do their projects in new programming languages such as Dot Net, C#, C sharp, advance Java, etc. According to the curriculum of HSBTE, the operating system practical lab falls in the even semester.

Computer Workshop :
In this lab the students perform the practical of different programming languages such as C , C++ and Java. As per the curriculum of HSBTE the C programming lab and the Java programming lab falls in the odd semester and C++ programming lab falls in even semester. The students perform the practical as per the syllabus. The students also perform the practical apart from their syllabus , which helps to improve their programming skills.
Communication Lab:
In communication lab the knowledge of soft skills is given to the students. This improves the overall personality of the students. This helps increasing the self confidence of the students and helps them in company placements.
Data Structure Lab:
In data structure lab students implement the algorithms studied in the subject data structure such as sorting and searching , operations on stacks and queues, implementing linked list etc . The algorithms are implemented in C programming language. According to the curriculum of HSBTE , the data structure  practical lab falls in the odd semester.
Web Designing Lab:
In web designing lab students learn the basics of creating a web site. They learn the related programming languages such as html, dhtml, xml, jsp, php, css, .net ,ajax etc. The students design small websites using local servers. . According to the curriculum of HSBTE , the web designing practical lab falls in the odd semester.
CPI  Lab:
In the algorithm design lab the students learn the various methods to design algorithms such as Divide and conquer, Backtracking, Dynamic programming and greedy approach etc. They solve and implement many problems by these methods such as finding shortest path, matrix-chain  multiplication, longest common sub sequence, minimum spanning trees , activity selection. The algorithms are implemented in programming languages such as  C, C++ and Java.. According to the curriculum of HSBTE , the algorithm design practical lab falls in the odd semester.
In this lab students learn the structured query language which is retrieval and management of data. They also learn the creation and modification of database schema. The Lab contains all the required packages:Db2, SQL server 2007, MYSQL etc . According to the curriculum of HSBTE , the RDBMS practical lab falls in the odd semester.

Multimedia Lab:
In the multimedia lab the students learn the various multimedia techniques. The students perform practical of creating images and animations. The necessary software  such as Adobe Flash, Macromedia, photoshop are installed in the computer systems. According to the curriculum of HSBTE , the multimedia practical lab falls in the odd semester.
Software engineering Lab:
In the software engineering Lab the students learn the various phases of software development. The students implement projects based on different software development models such as water fall model, prototype model, spiral model etc. The lab contains all the required softwares for software development such as Visual basic, Asp.NET, CSharp, VB.NET etc.
Hardware Lab:
In the hardware lab the students learn about the hardware parts of the computer system. The students assemble and dissemble the  hardware parts such as CD-drive, floppy drive, hard disk, buses. They study about the different type of ports, LAN cards and input-output device. According to the curriculum of HSBTE, the web designing practical lab falls in the even semester.