Oral And Maxillofacial Pathology
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Oral And Maxillofacial Pathology

The department undertakes teaching program in the subject of oral and dental anatomy, histology and embryology for first year BDS and in the subject of oral and maxillofacial pathology for second and third year BDS. The other activities in the department include microscopic interpretation and diagnosis for biopsies and cytology from lesions in the oral and paraoral areas.
The department consists of student’s laboratory, museum, multimedia presentation room, oral pathology clinic and recovery room, histopathology laboratory. The department is housed on the first floor of the institute. There is a spacious, well ventilated student’s laboratory with a seating capacity of 100 students with individual light source and monocular microscope for each student. The departmental museum boasts of an admirable collection of models, dental casts, tooth specimens and posters. The multimedia presentation room is equipped with Olympus microscope with camera attached to LCD projector for demonstration of slides. The oral pathology clinical rooms each with a fully equipped dental chair and a recovery room are used for recovering the patients and carrying out procedures like biopsy and cytology. The histopathology laboratory consists of the latest equipments for tissue processing and staining to facilitate precise and accurate diagnosis.
The teaching module includes theory and practical classes. Theoretical aspect of teaching involves lectures, seminars and group discussions. Practical approach involves demonstration, discussions and slide viewing.
Oral and dental anatomy, histology, physiology and embryology. The subject represents the confluence of basic science and clinical dentistry. The undergraduate students are trained to acquire skills in identification and carving of permanent teeth. The technical skill is a prerequisite for preclinical course which follows restorative dentistry. The students are also trained to estimate the age using plaster casts of different age groups and are imparted knowledge about microscopic identification of oral tissues which provides an important source for decisions about dental treatment in clinical practice.
Oral and maxillofacial pathology
Since it is a well known fact that “ As is your pathology, so is your practice”. Thus a comprehensive information in this subject is very much essential for knowledge based practice in clinical dentistry. An attempt is always made to make sure that the course format is relevant to clinical dentistry. The undergraduate teaching in this subject involves covering few key topics in second year and the remaining in third year. It involves teaching and training of various bening  and malignant turnor of the jaw, oral mucosal lesions, oral precancerous and cancerous lesions and forensic Odontology. A thorough knowledge obtained from the subject helps co- relation human biology with signs and symptoms of human disease. This helps to understand oral disease so that it can be properly diagnosed and adequately treated. The department is supported by highly qualified experienced and ever enthusiastic staff who aim to achieve excellence in teaching and training the students in a stimulating and pleasant environment.